Monday, July 30, 2007

Reposted: Who Hijacked Islam?

From my own experiences when interacting/joking around with friends or acquaintances, it dawned upon me that many have been taken by some media's and terrorists' portrayal of Islam. Quite a large number already made up their minds about what Islam is all about, just by reading articles, browsing the Internet or watching the news, without really delving into any books on Islam. The peaceful, beautiful religion that Islam teaches have been tarnished.

Nowadays, no thanks to these kind of propaganda, sometimes when people think about Islam, the first thought that comes to mind is either/or all of these; tough-looking bearded man carrying guns, bombs, hijackers, suicide bombers. In short, Islam and Muslims have been stereotyped. People think that Terrorism = Islam or comes from Islam. The true FACT is that, there is NO TERRORISM in Islam's dictionary.

Something to ponder.. there are more innocent lives lost for nothing, being used for meaningless wars, killed and tortured by some world leaders.. which are similar to the terrorists.. but have been going on for years and years. They even destroy people's homes and pollute the environment!? Why aren't these people on the spotlight all the time? Who controls the media? Go figure..

Another thing to add.. dear Muslim brothers and sisters.. please do not..NEVER ever sympathize with these terrorists. Yes they do portray Islam as their cause for whatever they're trying to achieve. But the fact is that they are just wolf in sheep's clothing.

Suicide bombing? Killing of innocent lives? Inciting hatred and enmity? Propagating that all non-Muslims are our enemies? Taking paragraph's from the hadith and Quran out of context and twisting their true meanings? What is this?! This is not Islam..

I don't recognise the agenda they are propagating, CLAIMING that its for Islam.. its just for their own selfish needs..

Go find out in books, for example books on our Prophet s.a.w [I recommend "The Sealed Nectar" (Ar-Raheequl-Makhtum) a biography on our Noble Prophet s.a.w by Safiur Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri]

go find out, you'll be amazed at the stark contrast between the "terrorist's version of Islam", "some media's version of Islam" and "the true Islam itself"...if a good-natured typical ah beng sincerely does this, upon discovering the facts, he will probably say,"WHaa!! she-mo?!!..ayy?!! how come ah!!? Islam not like that leyy..haiyaa..bassketball ah this telolistss.." (okay, maybe i'm exaggerating here..ah beng not like that hor, chill uh (",))

Anyway if you're free, do watch this video by bro Ali, an American revert(convert) entitled,"Who hijacked ISLAM?"

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