Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cerita tahayul.. make believe story

Received this in my mail the other day...

Ceritanya berlaku kat hospital Makkah. Ibu malang ini telah mempunyai 2 orang anak perempuan dan mengandungkan anak ketiganya yang menurut kata doctor anak itu juga seorang perempuan. Memandangkan ibu itu sudah mempunyai 2 anak perempuan jadi dia teringin pula anak lelaki. Oleh kerana doctor mengatakan anak yang dikandungnya adalah perempuan, dia merasa sedih dan setiap kali orang tanyakan kandungannya lelaki keperempuan (semasa dia mengandung) dengan berseloroh dia menjawab dia mengandungkan anak ular.

Tiba hari yang ditentukan Allah untuk dia melahirkan bayi di dalamkandungannya itu, maka dia telah melahirkan anak yang menyerupai wajah ular. Subhanallah. Nauzubillah....

Tengok video kat sini:

Replied the mail with this..

Salaam pps, just wanna say something in regards to this. All we know is that there's this weird youtube vid accompanied by the msg.

1) How do we know the story is fact?

Just by joking ard like that in Makkah that and poof! your baby turns into a snake like creature.

2) Its illogical. And Islam doesn't teach such things.
3) These kind of stories only confuse muslims. They will think," Oh, I better be careful with my mouth in Makkah, magical things have happened."
4) Muslims believing this will be the laughing stock of non-muslims, especially those anti muslims.
5) Non-muslims will think,"Hmm, Islam is a dangerous religion... not only there are terrorist nowadays, but when you say the wrong things, God will punish you!"

So seriously.. there's no such thing. There are lots of misconception in Islam and this is one of them. Look up the biography of our Prophet s.a.w. and look for stories such as this. THERE'S NONE. When he prayed for the destruction of Makkan pagans/infidels, it didn't happen on the spot/magically! He himself had to set out to numerous battles to achieve this and even got badly injured (Battle of Uhud) when the infidels came trying to finish off Islam.

Why does these kind of stories surface ONLY in this modern age? Hm, Allah SWT knows best.


cerebrator said...

I commend on your questions about the authenticity of the story.

But for your point 4,
It shouldn't matter if the non-Muslims laugh at us for our believes. We believe in the existence of Buraq and this is laughable enough for non-Muslims.

redtide said...

salaam bro..

yea, we believe in the existance of Buraq because its stated in the prophetic tradition/hadith. (sahih muslim)

I was referring to stories that 'come out of the blue' such as this connecting Islam to it while it has no relation whatsoever to Islam. Kalo mcm taoist or hindu religion bleh lah, mmg dorang percaya benda2 macam ni..

Do we still believe in magical, ghost, "hantu" stories when we know the existance of djinns and syaitan which have inhuman powers and can appear in any form?

And we know syaitan will never tire do anything to make muslims stray from the right path.

Allah swt knows best.