Friday, September 29, 2006

Studies Show Fajr Prayer is Healthy

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By Karima Burns, MH, ND

"And He it is Who made the night a covering for you, and the sleep a rest, and He made the day to rise up again" (Qur’an 25:47).

Certainly sleep is one of the blessings from Allah. At the end of a busy day a person looks forward to sleeping and regaining enough energy for the next day. Sleep is also important for good health and safety reasons. However, studies vary as to how much sleep is enough. Some studies claim 8-10 hours is a requirement for everyone. However, the Prophet Mohammad (saws) used to sleep very few hours in the night and used part of the night for prayer. Recent studies confirm that this may actually be healthier for some people...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hadith palsu kelebihan tarawih.

Hadith palsu kelebihan tarawih ---> Click here!!

Excerpt from this article:-

"Di dalam hadis tersebut nampaknya ada galakan supaya umat Islam rajin untuk melakukan amalan Tarawih dalam bulan Ramadan seperti kita sering dapati hadis ancaman terhadap orang yang meninggalkan sembahyang yang sebenarnya hadis itu pun direka atas nama nabi Muhammad s.a.w. seperti contoh satu hadis yang sebahagian darinya berbunyi: Jika seseorang itu meninggalkan sembahyang Zuhur dosanya adalah seperti dia berzina dengan ibunya sendiri. Jika dia meninggalkan sembahyang Asar dosanya adalah seperti meruntuhkan Kaabah.

Adakah tidak cukup dengan janji ganjaran dari Allah bagi orang yang menghidupkan malam Ramadan yang terdapat dalam kitab hadis shahih contohnya hadis yang bermaksud: Sesiapa yang menghidupkan malam Ramadan dengan penuh keimanan dan mengharapkan ganjaran dari Allah diampunkan dosa-dosanya yang lalu.(Al-Bukhari)

Dan adakah tidak cukup dengan ancaman terhadap orang yang meninggalkan sembahyang yang terdapat dalam al-Quran antaranya firman Allah yang bermaksud: Apakah yang menyebabkan kamu dimasukkan ke dalam neraka saqar? Mereka menjawab: Kami dahulu termasuk orang yang tidak mengerjakan sembahyang. (Al-Muddatsir)

Sebenarnya bagi mereka yang suka menghidupkan malam Ramadan tidak mesti dengan adanya hadis rekaan yang seperti ini mereka akan bersungguh-sungguh dalam menghidupkan amalan Tarawih ini. Dan orang yang malas bersembahyang bawalah hadis yang bagaimana teruk sekalipun seksaannya, namun mereka tetap tidak mahu mengerjakannya."

Other interesting facts from article:-

1) ciri-ciri hadis maudhu`(rekaan)

2) Dalam kitab-kitab hadis palsu (maudhu`aat) sendiri pun tidak didapati hadis ini. Ini menunjukkan bahawa hadis ini merupakan satu hadis yang baru diada-adakan sehingga ulama-ulama hadis dahulu yang menulis tentang hadis maudhu` pun tidak mengetahui akan wujudnya hadis ini.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Amalan membaca surah Yasin.

Read this article with an open mind. Then its up to you to make your own conclusions.

Pengamalan membaca surah Yasin: Bahaya jika ia menjadi iktikad[keyakinan ia sesuatu dari al-Quran dan Hadith(shahih)] ---> Click Here!!

Summary from this article:-

1) Mengamalkan bacaan Surah Yasin pada malam jumaat sesuatu yang tidak pernah berlaku pada zaman Nabi SAW dan para sahabat.

2) Yang ada dari hadith shahih, membaca surah Kahfi pada malam Jumaat.

3) Menentukan hari tertentu dengan bacaan tertentu, cara tertentu memerlukan dalil daripada al-Quran atau Sunnah Nabi SAW

4) Kita wajib mengamalkan pembacaan al-Quran dengan apa sahaja surah bukan sahaja mengkhususkan kepada surah Yasin sedangkan al-Quran begitu luas.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

....sher moh!!?

Mr Zack. Animator. Friend. Crappy kaki. Lipas. Mosher. His company will be missed by all. Should we be sad that he's leaving? Naah. For me, I think its great that he's leaving. Wait, dun get me wrong!? I mean We should be proud that he's one of the few(maybe the only) anak melayu Singapura who's dabbling in animation for an international, well-reputed company. So we should be happy and inspired by his determination and achievements.

Still, life here won't be the same till he returns..with who else can I create a laughing corner out of nothing?!(sorry insider thingy). Well, for now, there's still MSN yea.. K la bro.. Take care of your back in SF. Remember, dun pick up soaps if you ever see one lying around uh.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Shake head.

Whats the use of creating so many chances but not able to convert even one??!! Wake up lah dey.. time to get going!!

*1 hr later*

Oh well, its better than having no chances at all.. The team is improving in a number of areas, more prominantly in the usage of flanks and the depth of the squad. We have young promising players in all areas like Daniel Agger(he's a real solid centre-back), Sissoko(already a solid midfielder) and Kuyt(flashes of a solid striker). I'm sure they'll pull together soon.

Better to make mistakes now than later(consoling myself)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

New added links!

Alhamdulillah, found and added 2 new links for "Islam" section.

We're so fortunate to be in a period where knowledge is widely available, even at the click of a "mouse"!? The only ones preventing us from having the knowledge is ourselves.

"" is a website where there's e-books for you to read. "Majalah I" is a popular magazine in Malaysia with lots of good articles on Islam. The link is an e-magazine version of it

Lalang, Oh Lalang!

Interesting reflection on "lalang"...

Oleh: Hafiz Firdaus Abdullah (

Apabila kita menyentuh sifat jati diri, lazimnya sifat tersebut dibandingkan dengan lalang, iaitu sejenis tumbuhan yang hidup di merata tempat. “Jangan jadi seperti lalang yang melentuk ke sana ke sini apabila ditiup angin. Kita perlu memiliki jati diri yang tidak mudah melentuk umpama lalang!”, demikian pesanan yang selalu diberi.

Akan tetapi kali ini, dalam rangka memenuhi jemputan pihak Kolej Shah Putra, Kuantan, untuk membicara berkenaan Jati Diri Umat Islam pada Sabtu 9 September 2006, saya tidak akan membandingkan sifat jati diri dengan lalang. Sebaliknya saya akan mengumpamakan jati diri dengan lalang. Ya! Untuk umat Islam memiliki jati diri, kita perlu mencontohi lalang.

Di atas bukanlah satu kesilapan ejaan atau susunan ayat.

Agar kita lebih memahami bagaimana sifat jati diri boleh diumpamakan atau dicontohi dengan merujuk kepada lalang, marilah kita mengkaji lima sifat lalang yang begitu terserlah, sekali pun mungkin di antara pembaca ada yang tidak menyedarinya...

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Don't Let Yourself Be Used!

..from felt that this article is good to be reflected upon that this is the 3rd time i've republished it here)

By Latiefa Achmat**
Mar. 4, 2006

The world is growing and developing very quickly. In fact, it is getting extremely hard for people to keep up with all the changes to the point that many young people are not so sure what is expected of them. If there was one word to describe our modern age, it would be fast. People these days want fast service, fast-food, fast cars — everything has to be fast and no one wants to wait.

This obsession with speed has reduced people's threshold of patience. Traffic lights and traffic jams are considered to be the curse of the modern age because people don't like to wait. And so their patience gets less and less while people's expectations get higher and higher.

Everything in life has a price tag and we could safely say that the price of today's high-tech fast world is the break-down of relationships. Making a relationship work takes patience. So we see families fall apart when the going gets tough — people just give up and leave.

We have gotten used to using quick remedies when we are ill, and this mentality has been transposed into our emotional problems. We want to be better now! We want the problem to be fixed now!

As a consequence, many marriages are failing, and many young people these days are extremely cautious about committing themselves to a long-term relationship. The idea of being "tied down" and unable to escape, should problems arise, frightens many people who have grown up with the "quick-fix" mentality. So, just like buying a new washing machine with a twelve-month warranty, young people are looking for a relationship that comes with a guarantee for success.

In an attempt to get this, people have adopted the notion of "try before you buy," meaning they think a relationship is more guaranteed to succeed if the two people in a relationship know each other on every level before committing themselves.

So people in today's world might end up "trying" out a relationship with a number of potential life partners before they find someone who may work. We have to look at what happens to all those young people who have been "tried" and then discarded.

Young people most often enter a relationship wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm that comes with their age. They are often idealistic and so when they try out a relationship and completely give themselves to their partner and then the relationship fails, this causes them to fall down hard. Many young people feel disheartened, disillusioned, and depressed when they are rejected.

But the idea of being free to try out a potential partner is all too common. Even though the divorce rate continues to rise, many people opt for this unfortunate way of life.

Allah gave us the boundaries of our behavior. He gave us guidelines to live by and rules to follow so that all people are respected and protected. Muslims are not permitted to use each other in any way and this applies to relationships as well. The only way for a young man and woman to share their lives together is through marriage. Islam has made this abundantly clear and we are also not to get carried away with the fast-life mentality and think that once we marry we will automatically have a perfect life — just like pressing buttons on a food-vending machine!

How can it be otherwise when relationships are built on sharing and nurturing? I've met married couples who have been married for 30 or 40 years and they are happy. They admit that they're still getting to know each other.

Most young people look forward to having a happy, stable relationship with someone they love and to building a happy, stable family. This grows out of patience, good character, commitment, and energy to face life and meet its challenges together. In this context there is no room to "try before you buy" or use people with the goal of just having fun and then discarding them as if they were disposable.

** Latiefa Achmat is an Islamic counselor and social worker in Cape Town, South Africa. She can be contacted at

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Seminar... Grreat!

Alhamdulillah, this morning, I've been given the opportunity to attend a seminar on Imam Asy-Syaafi'e by Ustaz Mazlee Malik (UIA lecturer) and Dr Mohd Asri(USM lecturer). Each of thier talk was clear, concise and injected with humor. It was an enjoyable experience..As zack said,"Its good uh.. you get knowledge and entertainment as well".

This seminar has been an eye-opener for most I guess, especially those who have never attended a seminar by Dr Mohd Asri or any other University lecturer from Malaysia who have strong academic background from the Middle East region.

This is due to the fact that many people, myself included, have not been doing their homework when learning from thier ustaz or from various sources. It has been a norm for majority of muslims to accept teachings of thier ustaz blindly without questioning and finding out whether whatever that the ustaz is teaching them is sourced from Al-Quran and Hadith which is agreed upon by most Islamic scholars. This is due to trust but it is a blind one that leads them further away from the true teachings of Islam.

What both the speakers emphasised was that in whatever that we learn which concerns Fiqh and Islam, it is our responsibility to ensure it is sourced from Al-Quran and Hadith "shahih" - agreed upon by most Islamic scholars. This is to ensure that we do not stray from the intended path and in the end become engrossed in practices which are not even taught by Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w) and have no source from Al-Quran. Because at the end of all this, we will be the ones who will face Allah(s.w.t) and we're the ones responsible for our actions.

We must also be open-minded and not assume that only Mazhab Syafie'e is the correct one. In whatever that we read or learn from other Mazhabs and Islamic scholars, if there is strong backing from Al-Quran and Hadith(shahih) then it is up to us to evaluate and accept the knowledge. Even Imam Asy-Syafie'e said never to follow his teachings blindly as it concerns religion and if you find a hadith that is known to be "shahih", then that is also part of his Mazhab. Again, in the end, we will be the ones who will face Allah(s.w.t) and it is up to us.

The best part of the seminar was the Q and A session where many concerns about some questionable practices in our muslim society were answered. For example, tahlil ceremonies, tarekat and zikir in mosques(when the practice started, whether the practice was encouraged), traditional ways of treating illness, believing that the "kokka" tasbih has some sort of power and used as a medium instead of directly believing in Allah(s.w.t), eating diet pills without exercising, just doing supplication, taking "air jampi" or "kismis jampi" without doing any effort to improve ourselves and lots more.

These are some of the things that I've learnt today. I can't elaborate more as my knowledge in these matters is still poor and I'm afraid I may accidently, due to my poor knowledge, add my own thoughts and err. You have to be there to experience yourself then you'll understand. I hope there will be more seminars like this in months and years to come involving speakers such as Dr Mohd Asri, Ustaz Mazlee, Dr Juanda Jaya and Dr Azwira. Speakers who uphold the Sunnah and won't hesitate to dispel any practices which are against the true teachings of Islam as they're only interested to uphold the truth and not uphold favouritism towards themselves.

To end it off, the only way to avoid falling into the wrong path is to enrich ourselves with knowledge. Read the Quran and Hadith. Learn Arab language to improve our understanding of the Quran. Find a reputable teacher. Go overseas to learn. We must make Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.) as our main hero, learn about him and follow his teachings and practices, make para Sahabat and other Islamic scholars as heroes also instead of idolising popular singers and actors. Uphold the sunnah and refrain from indulging in so called Islamic practices which have been corrupted by Malay tradition(adab Melayu) and which have no strong backing from Hadith(shahih).

All these, I've gathered from the speakers. Alhamdulillah!(All praises to Allah Almighty)..Wassalaam

Friday, September 08, 2006

extra extra..

Read and learn about the Syiah sect in Islam..10 parts altogether.

Click me:JAKIM:Penjelasan terhadap fahaman Syiah