Monday, July 23, 2007

Never succumb to people's whims

Article from by Harun Yahya, a turkish muslim thinker.. to read the whole article Click Here!

Excerpt from article;

One of the most important characteristics frequently mentioned with regard to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) in the Qur'an, is that he only practiced what Almighty Allah revealed and asked of him, with no concern about what others might think. Important figures and members of other religions at the time wanted him to impose rules that would benefit them. Although these people were of greater power and numbers, the Prophet was very careful about abiding by Allah's commandments and the Qur'an. Allah says,

[When Our clear verses are recited to them, those who do not expect to meet Us say, "Bring a Qur'an other than this one or change it." Say: "It is not for me [Muhammad] to change it of my own accord. I follow nothing except what is revealed to me. I fear, were I to disobey my Lord, the torment of a Dreadful Day." Say: "Had Allah so wished, I would not have recited it to you nor would He have made it known to you. I lived among you for many years before it came. Will you not use your intellect?"](Yunus 10:15-16)

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