Sunday, December 17, 2006

balik kampung

Salam all, hmm havent wrote anything personal for a while now.. aand still don't intend to, i'd rather keep any personal thoughts or feelings to myself.. just some pics though

looking out for cow-dung

illegal, kampung style

santai.. looks so inviting uh?

my roots.

you won't see much chickens crossing the road here..


Simply Me .. said...

Masya Allah .. thanks for posting some kampung pics .. the pics make me feel like visiting malacca (serkam)again.. how peaceful can kampung life be .. v tenang ..

thanks bro!

redtide said...

No probs, ouu you also have kampung at malacca uh? kewl. Once a while go back ok lah.. to sit back and enjoy the tranquility