Friday, December 08, 2006

Check it out!!

Salam all, i really recommend vids at from bro Ali to anyone. The stuff about Islam that he's saying is so true, straight to the point and he managed to put the message across in a simple and light hearted manner. Alhamdulillah. Do check out the vids if you're free.

And here an interesting fact.. He's a muslim revert!? Notice I used the word "revert" instead of "convert"? I'll explain it by highlighting a paragraph from an article at

"Istilah REVERT yang memberi makna ‘kembali pulang’ adalah istilah yang lebih suka digunakan oleh masyarakat Barat yang memeluk Islam. Mereka tidak suka menggunakan perkataan CONVERT kerana ia mempunyai persepsi yang negatif seolah-olah Islam ini mengubah seorang manusia dari satu kepercayaan kepada kepercayaan yang lain. Walhal, memeluk Islam itu sebenarnya adalah kembalinya manusia itu kepada fitrah, acuan Allah yang datang bersama kelahiran setiap insan."

translation to English: The word REVERT which means 'returning to something' is a term preferred by western or any other muslim converts. They don't like to use the word CONVERT because it gives a negative perception as if Islam brainwashes a person to change from one belief to another (note: there is no compulsion in Islam). To them, accepting Islam is the return of a person to their natural status as a muslim. The status of a newborn baby brought into this world by AllahSWT free from other influences.

"Culture vs Islam"

"Who Hijacked Islam?"

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