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Do You Have a Reason to Be Thankful?

Article from by Hassan Sultan

As young children we were always told to read the Qur’an as much as possible and then when Ramadan came along we were expected to read all of it. We should ask ourselves how many times do we read the Qur’an, and ponder upon its meanings. Lately, when I read the Qur’an there was one verse in particular that really made me think and it humbled me. It reminded me that thanking Almighty Allah is an obligation upon all of us. In order to thank Almighty Allah, we must first remember the blessings we have been given, and we should also keep in mind what can happen if we are not thankful, and how we should show our gratitude.

* Do you remember the first day you lived away from your family?
* Do you remember all the times you took your mother’s cooking for granted?
* Do you recall the free time you had, and compare it to the times when you were busy?

Try to remember the times when you had energy and the times when you were too sick to walk.

Remembering Allah's Blessings

It is important for us to appreciate the blessings we have. Everyday, at least seventeen times, we recite ‘al-hamdu lillahrabbil alamin’ (thanks be to Allah the Lord of all that exists).. This verse in Surat Al-Fatiha is short yet powerful. The word ‘rabb’ here means Lord, the only one Who has the right to be worshipped, legislates, and tells us what to do.

Think about this amazing fact; research has disclosed that if a person slept eight hours at night the body moves at least 400 times. If the body was to stay in one position it would become paralyzed, but Almighty Allah through His mercy allows our bodies to move. Also, if we did not have a strong immune system, after a couple of breaths we would get very sick, due to the amount of toxins that enters the body. How many breaths did you just take? These are just two of the blessings that Almighty Allah has bestowed upon us. Many people in the world today are blessed with so much like nice homes, cars, food, and much more; however, such things are often taken for granted.

The Fateful Test

It was narrated that there were three men; one blind, one deaf and one with a skin disease. Their only wish was to be cured and live a normal life, so Allah the Almighty, through the angel Jibril (may Allah be pleased with him), cured them. Later on, they all became wealthy. Then a blind man approached the one who had been blind and asked for help but the man refused to do so and turned him away. The man reminded him of his previous situation, but it had no affect. The same thing happened with the man who was deaf. Shortly afterwards both lost all their wealth, as this was a test from Almighty Allah. The man who asked for help was Jibril (may Allah be pleased with him). They failed the test because they simply forgot to be grateful to Almighty Allah.

Unlike the man who was deaf, and the man who was blind, the one who had suffering from a skin disease offered all that he had. As a result, his wealth increased. Almighty Allah reminds us in the Qur'an that if we thank Him, He will increase what we have. We should take a moment now to reflect and think of all the bounties that have been bestowed upon us.

Throughout history those who refused to thank Almighty Allah were ultimately the losers. On the Day of Judgment all those who rejected Allah the Almighty will wish that they did not exist, and every Muslim will wish for one more second of life.

Those who are studying are aware when the exams will take place, but no one knows when death will face us. Therefore, we should take heed before it is too late. Being a Muslim is the greatest blessing a person can have. Almighty Allah reminds us that He has taken us from darkness to light, but if we fail to acknowledge His bounties and commands, we will only gain His anger.

It is explained in the saying of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), that a person has shelter as well as the other basic necessities of life, he is considered a rich person. We are also taught to never look at those who have more than us when it comes to matters of this worldly life. Instead, we should think about those who are less fortunate than us.

In order to read this article you must have a computer and internet access. Now think about how many people there are around the world who do not have these two things. There are many who do not have the blessings that you have! Thank Almighty Allah because truly we are blessed.

Think about the people who do not understand the message of Islam, and thank Almighty Allah that we are Muslims. After receiving such a blessing, we should do good so as to thank Almighty Allah. On the Day of Judgment our book of good deeds will be presented alongside the blessings we received

I pray that we will all take Islam seriously and learn and educate ourselves so we can put it into practice.

The verse mentioned above in Surat Al-Fatiha inspired me so much when I sat down and pondered on its meanings. Almighty Allah loves us and gives us so much mercy. Undoubtedly, if we read and study the Qur’an it will make our life much easier. If we do so, when we see what is happening in Gaza, Iraq and the rest of the Muslim world, we will know how to react, and more importantly our hearts will be at ease. Let’s remember to thank Almighty Allah for all His many blessings.

- Hassan Sultan is a freelance writer from Washington. He can be reached through

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