Sunday, October 29, 2006

Reply to "wanita" tag..

Assalaamu'alaiki Sis,

I don't really know what kind of situation you're in. Is it a relationship kinda problem? I assume it is. I'm gonna give my own opinion so I may be wrong. Pls, Do correct me if I am wrong. Let's examine the facts. Firstly, it seems that your emotions are running high.

What you're undergoing doesn't have any association with the previous article really.

You seem to be hurt by someone deeply and now probably on an emotional rollercoaster. Try to calm down, seek help and guidance from Allah SWT because when emotions are running high, we won't be able to think properly and syaitan will always try to take advantage of this. Only Allah SWT can help us and we can turn to Him anytime, anywhere.

The following is Rasullullah s.a.w. advice to Sayidina Ali r.a...
Oh Ali, stay away from this four bad traits;
- jealousy
- lying
- greed
- anger

If we think about this, whenever we're jealous,angry or feeling despair, we're overcome by emotions. If it's not controlled, it can lead to a bigger level and cause trouble to ourselves or others. For example when we're angry, we sometimes can't control our anger and overcame by emotion, we will say or do things we don't mean. We will only realise once we've calmed down and regret when it's too late.

Hmm onward to your question.. "Mengapa lelaki yang slalu menyakiti hati wanita? Sedangkan mereka tahu Allah SWT tidak menyukai perkara itu berlaku?"

Allah knows best(Wallahua'lam). In reality, not all lelaki slalu menyakiti hati wanita.. in this case only sorang lelaki jer..why blame all lelaki in general?

Regarding the second question..

In the first place, pre-marital relationship something that is not allowed in Islam, so we can't really associate this problem with Islam. If the person really knows and practices Islam well, he won't play such meaningless love games..he won't even indulge in pre-marital relationship!? We must get this fact right. BGR is unIslamic.

Why is pre-marital relationship not allowed? As muslims we must know and this can only be acheieved through reading or asking a person who's knowledgable in this, at the same time, keeping an open-mind and sincere in wanting to learn and know more.

Hmm maybe these articles can help.."Dear Sister".. "There Is Good in Every Event".."Getting serious about Boy-Girl Relationships in Islam"and .."Don't Let Yourself be Used!"

Don't just browse through.. read them at least 2-3 times reflecting on them, till you really understand what msg its trying to bring across. Hope they'll help somehow even a little, insya-Allah.

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