Thursday, September 21, 2006

....sher moh!!?

Mr Zack. Animator. Friend. Crappy kaki. Lipas. Mosher. His company will be missed by all. Should we be sad that he's leaving? Naah. For me, I think its great that he's leaving. Wait, dun get me wrong!? I mean We should be proud that he's one of the few(maybe the only) anak melayu Singapura who's dabbling in animation for an international, well-reputed company. So we should be happy and inspired by his determination and achievements.

Still, life here won't be the same till he returns..with who else can I create a laughing corner out of nothing?!(sorry insider thingy). Well, for now, there's still MSN yea.. K la bro.. Take care of your back in SF. Remember, dun pick up soaps if you ever see one lying around uh.

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