Sunday, August 27, 2006

ponder ponder..

I've been given an assignment to research for info on an interesting topic. "Anak luar nikah digugurkan atau biarkan hidup?" Hmmm..

Present realities happening in the region. A 17-year-old girl was found to have HIV. Thats the youngest ever recorded here. From the New Paper today, a research was done on students aged between 18 and 25 at two private colleges and two public universities about their attitudes, behaviour and knowledge regarding sex. It shows 11 per cent of college students were having pre-marital sex, but only one in five used contraceptives and while only 11.3 per cent of those surveyed admitted to engaging in pre-marital sex, 55 per cent said their friends were sexually active. And it goes on saying that according to the World Health Organisation, when a young adult says his or her friend is having pre-marital sex, they are talking about themselves as well. Hmm, this part seems like just an assumption.

If this is happening in a Muslim country such as Malaysia, how about Singapore? Is it possible that the numbers here could be higher than that? And is it possible that youths younger than that are already engaging in pre-marital sex? Well, according to The New Paper on Sunday's poll of 100 single girls between 16 and 25, nearly half said they have had sex. Twenty-six confessed to being 'sexually active'. Of the 100 girls polled, 41 admitted to having sex. When asked to describe their friends, 48 said their friends were 'sexually active' or 'sexually experienced'. Only 22 thought their friends never had sex.

The thing that is worrying is that this could only get worse in the future. There are many effects from this unhealthy trend which are proven and increasing; divorces, diseases, adultery, unwanted children, abortion and so on...What is going to happen to the future generation?

I remind myself as well as others to avoid even going close to "zina". Small things may lead to bigger ones and while there are cases of people who maintain, there's many others who have fallen into the trap driven by "nafsu" and syaitan.

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