Friday, August 18, 2006


I have a new lease of life with my repaired bike. Bicycle. Its been ages since I last cycled to just anywhere on this small island. So where did I go today? Headed to Starbucks - Liang Court. Last time I went there was in 2003 or 2004 i think. Just wanted to check out the place and make it a pit-stop to chill a bit and taste Iced Hazelnut Latte, one of my favourite drinks.

Suprised to see Rohaila working there. Woo, shift manager now. I asked her whether the Partners' Comm Books of 2003 and before still exists. And they're still there! Well, not all, just one left, ard late 2002-2003 period. She can't find the older ones. But its enough to bring those great memories back. Found out from her also that Rajis, Azlin and Andy still drop-by once in a while. And they still talk about the "kerepek" legend...Basketball. Oh well.

Next week, I'm thinking of cycling to Esplanade or East Coast. Thought of doing night cycling also, but not till the bike have front and backlights. Too dangerous, cycling in the dark. Hmm, wish there were kakis like last time. But for now, its just me, myself and my bike. Anyone want to join? Weekday/Weekends: 7.30am to 1pm(by 1pm head back home), 9pm to 3am(by 3am head back home)

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