Thursday, August 24, 2006

cannot trust la beb.

phew.. just re-formatted the comp..again. And all files lost, again?!!. So guys, this is a reminder to back up any important files before its too late.. not only for computer..any electronic gadgets which can store datas. This unfortunate event caused me to think.. What if this happens to something like my H/P? All the numbers will be gone just like that.

Therefore, I'm gonna transfer all the numbers in my handphone to a hardcopy soon. The only way a hardcopy of the data can be lost are thorugh 3 ways..a)short-term.. carelessness. b)Long-term.. decomposition of the hardcopy..and c)Fated to lose it..e.g. burnt down in a fire accident. And even with these 3 possibilities, the rates of losing the data is much lower than if it's stored in electronic gadgets. Chett!!

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