Friday, August 08, 2008

Ummah Films Video Removed - Copyrighted? JOKE!

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About an hour ago, I get an email from YouTube notifying me that my video "How I converted to Islam" has been removed due to Copyright violations. I emailed YouTube today about the error and asked them to review the video and verify if any copyrighted rules were violated.

So I'm thinking to myself, "wow...I guess the videos are really making an impact". First, they tried to flood the comment section with negative comments by making up lies about Islam but that didn't really work. Then, they tried making counter videos challenging me to respond but I refused to fall into their trap of useless arguing (I much rather discuss with sincere people rather than argue with ignorant people). So now, they're trying to claim copyright over my material which is hilarious because I don't use even use any audio or video from outside sources. If you watch my videos, its just me sitting in my chair behind a blank wall. What did they copyright? my chair? my wall? haha..

The fact that such losers put so much effort trying to stop the videos tells us that the videos are making an impact Alhamdulillah. I'm not upset but rather find it humorous that people have so much free time to worry about my videos. My videos have been uploaded by Yusuf to over 20 websites and they are broadcast on TV in the middle east and in the UK on a weekly basis (good luck on stopping that). Plus, as long as people don't edit the videos, I've allowed FREE distribution of them, which means that people can upload and videos to websites, blogs, and even show it on TV. In results, the videos have spread to millions and millions of people. So for those who are working hard trying to stop the spread of these videos, we'll... you got your work cut out for you.

By the way, I hope to do another series of videos after Eid InshAllah so I guess I'm going to continue making work for them hahahaha....

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