Monday, November 05, 2007

Make good use of your expertise!

Assalaamu'alaikum wr wb.. Pe khabar semua?.. Here's an article that I feel is interesting to be shared and pondered upon entitled, "Manfaatkan kepakaran bukan Memandulkannya" ..Link here!

It's written in Malay by the way, there should be an english edition tapi belum siap kot.. basically the article is about encouraging muslims to make good use of any capabilities they have and be successful and proficient in any area they like as long as it doesn't go against Islamic principles...

key points from article;

- Islam is a religion which acknowledges any proficiency of a person as long as it doesn't go against Islamic principles.

- Examples of Islam being a progressive religion, acknowledging any good attributes and capabilities that a person have that can be useful for the society.

- e.g.The leadership quality and capabilites of Umar ibn Khattab and Khalid al-Walid before Islam were acknowledged and after they reverted to Islam they are benefitted for Islamic cause. An important post should be held by the most capable, not to be restricted to senority

- Deepening knowledge about Islam is not about becoming an "ustaz", Islam needs capable and "soleh" muslims in all areas of expertise.

- Islam acknowledges all forms of knowledge not just restricted to Islamic knowledge. We have to widen our knowledge in all areas for the benefit of ourselves and the Islamic community.

Aite, thats just some of the main points from the article.. bacalah kalo free ya.. ilalliqa'(jumpa lagi) insya-Allah.. Wassalaam (",).

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