Monday, January 15, 2007


Soal Jawab: Akidah luntur punca masyarakat Islam mundur

Ilmu tauhid cetek, pemikiran ulama dipengaruhi falsafah Greek sebabkan iman Muslim celaru

SEJAK pandangannya mengenai isu khalwat, Mufti Perlis Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin terus mendapat perhatian. Pelbagai cemuhan dan pujian diterima daripada pelbagai pihak termasuk parti politik. Wartawan Berita Minggu, Tuan Nazuri Tuan Ismail menemubual beliau bagi mendapatkan pandangan mengenai masalah yang melanda umat Islam seluruh dunia selain mengupas isu semasa..

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cerebrator said...

Hmmm, Bro, honestly, his arguments are weak and somewhat flawed.

Is there any venue where he has released a full explanation?

redtide said...

Salaam'alaika bro Yunir,

How have you been? Lama tak comment? heh.. Aanyway, While I have to respect ur opinion, i don't agree. It seems quite clear to me.

Which part of it is weak and flawed? Maybe you can provide an example of a stronger and more accurate argument? Pls do.

Yes there's a more detailed explanation in one of my previous posts --> Click here!

And do watch some of the ceramah videos if you have the time.

Dr Asri has a PHD in the study of Hadith Sciences and b4 being selected as Mufti Perlis, he's a lecturer at University Sains Malaysia(USM). What I'm trying to explain here is the fact that he's not some "wannabe ulama" who just speaks his mind, he has strong credentials.

The arguments that he brought forward are based on al-Quran/hadith/the thoughts and opinions of other prominant muslim scholars of past and present such as Dr Yusuf al-Qaradhawi, Ali Tantawi and many others.

Read thoroughly and also watch the vids secara ilmiah, tanpa emosi, with an open mind. After that, then judge accordingly.

Wassalaam. (",)

cerebrator said...

Assalamualaikum to all.

yeh, breen reading your blog, cuma nothing to comment on jek.. thts all.

thx for the long post... tht was indeed helpful. I see what he's trying to point out now.

And I agree and would understand with his points except the Greek philosophy part.

Basic philosophy is about questions. Prophet Ibrahim a.s before being appointed as a prophet had questioned - who was his God. Was it the Sun? Was it the Moon? The stars? No. why not?

That is basic philosophy which is not all too detrimental to one's aqeedah. I think.

Do mail me up if you'd like -- > yunir_sg[at]

Ohh btw, neh, I don't think he's some wannabe. And I applaud his knowledge.


redtide said...

Salaam bro, thx for being patient and taking time to try to understand..

Basic philosophy is fine I guess. About the "Greek philosophy" part, from what I understand, what Dr Asri meant is that Aqeedah(Islamic Belief) is something that should be easily understood so that everybody from high intellect to those who cannot read or write or even those ppl who are seperated from the modern world e.g. orang asli/nomads would be able to understand and accept what Islam teaches.

When additional philosophies, about believing in the existance/nature of Allah SWT is created, (outside the context of what al-Quran and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. teaches), which is similar to/influenced by Greek philosophy, understanding Aqeedah will be lengthy, confusing and a burden to some.

Hence, there would be some who would be left out/will take a longer time to try understand Aqeedah, which is basic and the most important part for a muslim and should be easily understood.