Thursday, December 05, 2013

Gratitude: A Way of Life

Problems are part and parcel of our everyday life and usually, what we'd expect to hear from an advice when facing a problem is to have patience. This verse, however, teaches us to show gratitude even in times of difficulty or even calamity. There is so much emphasis in the conditional phrase to show that demonstrating gratitude even once, in the smallest of forms when we face such challenges in life is so rewarded. (refer to video for a better context in sha Allah)

{And make mention when Musa said to his nation, “Make mention of Allah’s favor upon you when He rescued you from the lineage of Fir’awn, they were blackening your faces (e.g. they were humiliating you), and they were slaughtering your sons and allowing your women to live. In that there was a HUGE test that was especially from your Master. And remember when your Master proclaimed, “Even if you are a little grateful at one time, I will certainly increase for you over and over again..."} [Ibrahim 14:(6-7)]


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