Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Life of Sultaan Muhammad al-Faatih

‎"The Sultan entered the city on horse-back, he dismounted, lay prostate, praising God. Then he entered Aghia Sophia Church and granted the people of Constantinople safety and insured protecting them and their possessions and religious freedom. Sultan Mohammad Al-Fatih let them practice their rituals, but he turned half the Churches of Constantinople into mosques. As a matter of fact, what Sultan Mohammad did was nothing compared to what the European kings had done on conquering Muslims' lands. They even destroyed all the mosques in Andalusia, killed all its Muslim believers be them men or women, young or old, and burned many Islamic books!.. the attitude of Sultan Muhammad astounded the European historians who had always been fanatic and malicious. They could not believe the Sultan was forgiving, fair and tolerant towards the Christians."


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