Thursday, April 22, 2010

Be mindful, we are Muslims..

"Always be mindful of how we conduct ourselves as Muslims. People are always watching. Our conduct alone can be a form of da'wah (calling others to Islam) and as we all know, all Muslims are obligated to contribute to da'wah one way or another..."

The statement above is gathered from a speech in that I caught in YouTube by former rap artiste 'Loon' now brother Amir Junaid Muhaddith who reverted to Islam recently around the end of 2008. If that doesn't ring a bell, 'Loon' was signed up by Bad Boy records and was part of the team which included P. Diddy and Usher who made the songs 'I need a girl(part 1 and 2)' popular.

I've always been interested to learn about the experiences shared by Muslim reverts regarding their life before and after Islam. Especially those who eventually become ambassadors of Islam conveying the message among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. For example, Yusuf Estes, Baba Ali, Hussain Yee, Lim Jooi Soon, Mu'tah Baele ('Napolean' of the group Outlawz another rap artiste) and Loon himself. (their stories can be found on YouTube)

Their past stories and the 180 degrees transformation to how they are now, often left me amazed and enlightened. And reminded me that as a born Muslim, I often take for granted the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon me as I definitely could have done the same or even more as I had more time and already have the resources. What have I been doing all this while.. What have we been doing? How much have we striven as Muslims? Are we fully submitting ourselves to Allah in all aspects of our lives?

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