Monday, January 05, 2009

Wake up and look around

Excerpt from a article entitled "Palestine: Crisis of Mind Before Land" --->

"One of the main crisis is the belief among Muslims that Palestinian Issue is only for Arabs and even some Arabs might also believe that the issue is only for Palestinians. The sense of belonging to Palestine among Muslims throughout the history is reduced with tactics played by media. Media used to address the people who lived in the land of Palestine as Muslims, but then changed it to Arab, later as Palestinians. These organised tactics were meant to loose the Muslims' connection with their Holy Land in Palestine.

While being reactive is bad enough for Muslims to optimize the way they react to the situation, now, Muslims are becoming more and more passive, melt under this so-call 'I DONT CARISM' attitude, if you know what I mean!

This claim comes only from the ignorance of the reality, blinded heart from understanding the history and lack of knowledge about all the verses of Al-Quran and Ahadeeth of Prophet Muhammad PBUH about the future of Islam in Palestine.


We should not worry about the future of Islam in Palestine. Study the Al-Quran and study the Books of Fitan from all the Masanid and Sihah of Hadeeth, then you will know that the glory of Islam in Palestine is a promise from Allah. Not even Muslims, but the Jews also know the fact. If you believe that the death is true, the heaven and hell are true, then you must also believe that the victory of Islam in Palestine is true. They are the part and parcel of our faith in Him.

What we should think and worry at the moment is about us. Ourselves! About our role, contribution and duty. If the only thing we can do now to help the Muslims in Palestine is to talk, then talk and don't stop talking. Talk to every single person you meet and let them all know the truth. Educate your wife, your children, your neighbours and friends about Palestine. By Allah who by His word I stand on this mimbar, if you stop talking and ignore the issue, this will be the biggest crime committed against Muslims in Palestine. The least you can do is to talk about this. If talking is abandoned and the duty is ignored what else our Muslim brothers and sisters can hope from you? People around you need to know the truth. The mass medias are hiding all the facts, which people need to know. The Palestinians who are defending their life with empty hands are labelled as terrorist whilst the army who destroy everything day and night are begging for sympathy!

Just to add..

I myself can't fathom what it would be like. Having no food, no water. Living in darkness. Hearing gunshots, planes, missiles 24/7. Living in fear knowing that most of my neighbours are either injured or dead. Having no place to sleep. Having no means other than stones or any sharp objects to defend myself.

And here I am living, every single day, comfortably with everything readily available. Subhanallah.

I'm truly amazed learning of human rights activists and even Jews around the world participating in demonstrations against the Zionists, some even taking personal leaves from their daily jobs just for the occasion. They present themselves in rallies, upholding palestinian flags and protest banners for days or weeks and they're not even Muslims!

On the other hand, we have Muslims not doing anything at all! Some even have the cheek to remain ignorant and simply conclude that it's not part our responsibility!

Let's keep supporting by doing whatever that we can help for now. The least we could do as Muslims is to support Muslims in Palestine by any means possible..

Always remember them in our du'as, support them through finances or food provisions whenever possible, support them through the media, blogs, boycott Israeli products and anything that can contribute to Israeli finances and lastly to continuously improve ourselves and break away from ignorance and educating others to try understand the importance and the truth of the situation.

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