Sunday, February 25, 2007

new beginnings

Salaam all!

Finally, braced myself to go out at night in this fresh, new environment. Still coming to terms with the use of language here. I'm starting to understand more as the days go by but still weak when I have to interact.

Alhamdulillah for this opportunity..alhamdulillah.. This is more than I could have asked for..more than I could have ever imagined. Sometimes, when I wake up, I feel like pinching myself.. am I dreaming? Its surreal..

I'm now at Makkah al-Mukarramah.. living within the area of tanah haram itself..subhanAllah. I've been given the opportunity to study arabic here at a language institute at a university..for free.. Alhamdulillah..

There's still so much to do so much to know and learn..arabic is one thing, at the Masjidil Haraam, there's so many avenues where you can find scholars, mastering in different areas of Islamic studies to learn from.. I hope than I can make my stay here as fruitful as possible, insya-Allah.. so yea, I think that will mean lesser entries in this ol blog of mine too. Internet access here is quite expensive anyway.. still scarce, hence the high cost at the cafes.. about S$5 an hour!

But maybe once in a while..just to chill a "riadhah".. maybe i'll still insert an entry or two if time permits, insya-Allah.

I've found out that instead of the 2 or 3 years of stay here as I had presumed, my stay here will be longer than that... about 5-6 years minimum, insya-Allah. I hope to finish with a degree from the university and it is possible, insya-Allah.

Any pps from SB-HV, if you're reading this.. there's starbucks in Makkah! Non-muslims are not allowed here by the way. There's burger king, KFC and pizza hut also. Hmm, I took some pics.. dunno if i'll be able to upload them cos the files may be too big.. i'll,lets see..ahah!!

Just these 2 pics for now.. uploading takes "years" using the internet speed here..Ok I guess thats it for now.. Miss all my family and friends, will always be in my heart and prayers..pls pray for me too yea... Take care pps.

Masjidil Haraam, ard fajr period.. 6am++

Starbucks Arabian style


Simply Me .. said...

Salams Bro,

Masya Allah! You're really there at Makkah!?? Subhanallah ..

Wish you all the best in your learning journey there! May Allah bless you always, insyaAllah. Aameen.

redtide said...

Salaam.. alhamdulillah, thx 4 the wishes, Ameen insya Allah.

cerebrator said...

Congratulations on your journey. Glad to hear happy tidings for you.

uKhT^|LaLL|qa said...


awak di makakh skg?? heheee..

btw, SaLaaM alaik~

smoge Allah melindungimu. Ameen..
updaTe more on tt laa~ the lifestyle there etc.. kiter keen nak tahu..

orite >_^