Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Parent Negotiations

Salaam 'alaik, its been a while uh since there's a vid from Ummahfilms.com.. here's the latest i think.. "The parent negotiations". Do try to watch it with your parents maybe..Keep the vids coming bro Ali!

Anyway, things are good here, alhamdulillah. Down here, I get to meet people from all over the continent. Its wonderful how Islam brings together everyone regardless of race. Just the other day, I had lunch together with my classmates. To my right, there were students from Krgyztan, Africa, Mali and to my left were students from Indonesia, Pakistan, Maldives and all of us were talking and laughing together conversing in Arabic/broken Arabic for some of us..

I also had lunch with an American and French once.. while eating the sandwich, the American guy suddenly blurted out,"Maan, this sandwich's bangin!?". The French guy gave a "huh?! what's bangin?!" look.."Oh never mind..ma fii musykillah" continued the American. I began to laugh, while the French guy was left quizzical. But hey, alls good.

Apart from that there's still much to learn here.. its still early days yet. Still many places to explore and learning new things everyday and lovin it. Alhamdulillah. Aite, thats it for now.. take care pps. Ma'assalaamah.